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    Get the Nimway survey 

    This survey examines what employees consider to be the main pros and cons of working at home versus the office. It also explores how business owners might adapt to the needs and expectations of a more flexible workforce.


    Why Nimway?

    Originally designed by and for Sony’s own staff, Nimway is an elegantly simple suite of smart office technologies for the modern, people-centred workplace. It facilitates employees’ everyday tasks like finding and booking meeting rooms or locating colleagues. And occupancy data provides facility managers with insights on how to better utilise office space.

    – Download the survey report to learn more about the impact of the pandemic on employees’ attitudes to the office, and how they might affect its future role.


    * This survey was carried out in December 2020 by Nimway (part of Sony Network Communications Europe) with the support of Worktech Academy, UK. Participants were drawn from our network of industry leaders and employees, predominantly Europe and the US.