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    Get the mSafety U.S. survey 

    Chronic conditions cost the U.S. healthcare system $3.1 trillion dollars in 2019, and the burden of ongoing treatment and compliance impacts patients and providers alike. Our mSafety study shows that U.S. consumers would be interested in using more remote health monitoring devices. Fill in the form and get the full version of the survey.


    Could remote health monitoring help people manage chronic conditions?

    Find out how many of those surveyed think it could. The survey targeted over 2,000 people in the U.S. who are themselves living with or caring for someone else with a chronic condition.*


    Why mSafety?

    “Wearables like mSafety have the potential to reduce the need for costly, and complex acute interventions that don’t align with the proactive, personalised care models of the future.”, says Arnol Rios, Head of Network Communications Sales and Business Development in North America for Takeoff Point LLC – a Sony company.

    Learn more and download the survey to better understand the level of consumer interest in remote health monitoring technology. Download now!


    *The mSafety study was conducted by independent brand intelligence firm Survata, analysing data from 2,005 consumers between May 29 and June 2, 2020.